UAE Real Estate Is Set to Receive New Landmark

In 2018, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates will witness as the largest Ferris Wheel, Ain Dubai, receives its official opening. In our article, we have collected the most interesting facts worth knowing about this engineering and construction wonder and invite you to join us on a marvelous virtual journey.

UAE Real Estate Is Set to Receive New Landmark

The Bluewaters island, home to a booming property sector and the world’s largest observation wheel

Just off the Jumeirah Beach Residence coast line, one of the most luxurious and sought-after property developments in Dubai and the whole of United Arab Emirates, an artificially made island has sprung up in the warm waters of the Gulf. The Bluewaters island, as it is so poetically called, has been reclaimed from the sea under the aegis of Meeras, a local Dubai holding company.

The Bluewaters island is intended to be a mixed-use area, including real estate for retail, leisure, entertainment and, of course, residential. Perhaps you are looking for a property in Dubai or the wider UAE yourself? In that case, YzerProperty will offer you a very useful service. Do not hesitate to explore all the possibilities this booming country can offer you at

This island will also serve as a home to the world’s largest ferris wheel, the Dubai Eye, which will remind us of its London cousin, yet will outdo it on all criteria.

10 of the most interesting facts about Ain Dubai

Before proceeding to some quirky facts about this project, let us get down to the factsheet. The Dubai Eye was conceptually conceived as early as 2013 by the South Korean industrial giant Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Construction began in 2015. With a capacity of around one and a half thousand people, its construction is estimated to cost just below 300 million USD.

The construction has now entered its last phase, with five of eight sections being fully in place. Towering 210 meters above sea level, it will be the tallest of its kind in the entire world. It will outgrow the current record-holder, Las Vegas’ High Roller, by an entire 43 meters! The construction marvel will offer great views over Dubai and the surrounding territories, including the world’s largest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

Now let us get to the “did you know?” section of our article. Here are some random, yet interesting facts about this project.

  • It consists of 48 capsules, which are all made out of glass, with ultraviolet protection.
  • Thirty-one people can enter a capsule at a time
  • There will be six premium-class capsules with a bar inside. Here, 12 people can go for a ride together in one unit.
  • It takes the wheel 48 minutes to complete the full circle.
  • An LED display is placed inside the wheel in order to show advertisements and other broadcasts.
  • The full weight of the construction is 7.5 tons
  • Two of the world’s largest cranes have been employed in the construction of this miracle. Each of them can lift up to three tons at a time.
  • 9 metric tons of steel have been used for Ain Dubai. This is a quarter more than what has been used for the Eiffel Tower.

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